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 We are Sam and Lana, Sam is a freshman in college and Lana is in 10th grade.  We met Fr. Franklin when he was here on sabbatical at our local church, St. James.  He told us about his church and the school, and his struggle to educate the children. After hearing about this we decided to start our own charity and 5k. In January 2014 we organized our first 5K and raised $1940.00, enough for 5 kids to go to school for one year.   We held our second run and raised $3215.00 and added two more students.  We have now held our 5k for four years and and have raised a total of 8,335.00.  Enough to continue to pay for their education


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How the 5k works:

1. Sign up to Run/Walk:  Resgistration  $20.00,  includes Tee-Shirt.  See the Registration button below for the registration form.  Pay registration fee by mail or use the PayPay tab.

2. Get sponsors:  Ask family, friends, coaches.  Goal is $100.00 each participant.

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4.  All proceeds go directly to St. Peters and the kids.

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Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 

St. Peters School

About St. Peters

I want this community to be self I want this community to be self reliant.  I don't want them to be


"I want this community to be self reliant.  I don't want them to be beggars" Father Joe – 2010,

  Fr. Joe died in a car crash in 2011.


During his pastoral rounds of his parish Fr Joe came across Steven, a young lad who had been badly burned on the arms, stomach and chest in a domestic accident. Steven's burns had healed so badly that the taut skin prevented him putting his hand to his mouth to feed himself. Fr Joe took him to hospital and paid, from his own resources, for surgery to correct his condition. From this experience Fr Joe vowed to help the poor, the disadvantaged and the orphans of the parish by feeding and educating them. Steven is now a happy, mobile boarder at the school.

Father Joe's tragic death in 2011:

2011 was an extremely difficult year for the school community and full community of Kajuki. The drought made daily life very difficult with escalating food prices, and much reduced water. The feeding programme was an essential part of ensuring that the children have enough food to eat. In August 2011, Fr Joe was tragically killed in a road traffic accident. The school and community lost their much loved leader, visionary and 'father' to many of the children. Fr Joe was so well known and and pioneer for childrens rights that the Prime Minister of Kenya attended his funeral. On seeing the level of poverty in Kajuki, the Prime Minister declared that it would receive food aid.


Fr. Franklin



   St. Peter’s school was established in the year 2006 by the late young priest, Fr. Joseph. After his passing, the young but enthusiastic priest, Fr. Franklin, in his second year in priesthood, had just worked with him for one year, then took over the parish as pastor with its many challenges.  


The Bishop of Meru appointed Fr Frankline (who had been Fr Joe's Assistant Priest for 18 months) as the new Priest in Charge. Fr Frankline shares Fr Joe's vision and is a man with a huge heart. He works non-stop to bring transformation to people's lives.  The community has come along way and is working towards its goal of becoming self sustainable.

The School


 The school is in Kajuki village, situated East of Mt. Kenya in Tharaka-Nithi County. The area where the school is situated is semi-arid part in Kenya with harsh living conditions. Currently the school has a population of 270 pupils, of which 208 live in the school during the school term time (some of them are orphans, vulnerable or the very poor children within the parish. Out of the 270 pupils, 149 are girls and 121 are boys. The school has no formal Government or Church support–it has to find its own means. The aim of the school is to bring children from all around the parish, whose parents cannot even afford the meager cost (books, uniforms and food) of sending them to local government primary schools. In addition St. Peter’s run 4 upcoming schools, 1 nursery school and a vocational skill school. 

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The goal is for each participant to raise $100.00!

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Letters from the kids and Fr. Franklin!

Denis Munene letter (pdf)


Doreen Mukami (pdf)


Beth Kangai Letter (pdf)


Joseph Mwenda Letter (pdf)


Terry Mwenda Letter (pdf)


Dennis Mawira Letter (pdf)


Fr. Franklins latest letter (pdf)


Fr. Franklin's letter 2014 (pdf)


Fr. Franklin letter 2015 (pdf)


Fr. Franklin letter 2016 (pdf)


Fr. Franklin letter 2017 (pdf)


Fr. Franklin's Story (pdf)



$360.00 pays for one child for one year of education.  

Consider sponsoring a child for the year.  However, any amount is appreciated!

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